Portable Bluetooth Printer – Buyers Guide

Maybe you need more copies of your resume during a productive job fair; maybe you want to print pictures for your technology-challenged Mother while over for a visit; or maybe that class paper you procrastinated on is due in 10 minutes – and you just got it done while sitting outside the classroom.

Whatever you may need portable printing for, there are a few things you need to consider before you make that purchase.

Bluetooth – The Right Technology for Portable Printers

Paper printouts still matter, and portable bluetooth printer technology brings paper printouts to your wireless, be-anywhere life.

No cables to connect; automatic wireless connection to your laptop; no hassles with different brands of laptop and printer; and a standard that will be around a long time.

All this adds up to ease of use – and most important, being able to print when you’re ready, wherever you are.

Some Guidance Please

OK, so you need portable printing, and bluetooth technology is the way to go. Here are tips to choose the best portable bluetooth printer for you…

  • How strong are you?  You may get a better price for an older, used printer – but plan on lugging around an extra 5 pounds. Newer models can weight as less as 1.4 pounds. Think about how far and how long each day you will be carrying around the extra weight.
  • How much portable gear can you juggle?  Look at the dimensions (height, width and length).  Older models will be more bulky, newer models more compact. Will it fit into your laptop bag or roller-board?
  • Is the bluetooth wireless technology built-in? Or will you have to add a bluetooth wireless card. Check this carefully to avoid an unpleasant surprise when unpacking your printer.
  • Will you do more than print paper?  For example, do you need to print photos, scan a page, or send a fax? Some or all of this capability will require add-ons to your purchase.
  • Will you need to share your portable printer? Better check for built-in (or add-on) capability for this. And remember, sharing might require wired network connections.
  • Will you need to print photos without a PC?  Check to see if memory card slots are available and how many.
  • And lastly, don’t forget the basics when choosing any printer. Check things like how many pages per minute, the range of document sizes, and the total number of pages a fully-charged battery can handle.

Try This Approach to Make a Good Purchase

A good approach to making the right purchase is to list how you use your stationary office or home printer today. Think about what and how much you print each month. And don’t forget about use of color or black-and-white.

With your list, look at product reviews on Amazon. Don’t bother with a portable bluetooth printer review that doesn’t have at least 40 buyer ratings with an average rating of 4 or higher.

Otherwise, you’re not taking advantage of enough positive, real buyer information to make the best decision. (Remember, products that are not getting a lot of ratings are not being bought. And be wary of average ratings below 4. These are signs to stay away.)

Next, build a short list of options from all your reviews and make the best decision for you. Maybe all things being equal, price is the decider. Or maybe your trust in a brand is most important.

You’ve done your homework.  Now make a decision to bring your paper copies into your wireless, be-anywhere world!

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